5 tips for successful Exhibition Marketing

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Exhibitions sometimes get a bad rap. Frustration that the results do not always appear to justify the effort and cost.

All too often we come across that dreaded phrase…. “we are just going to do something similar to last year”. Now that’s OK if last year’s results were stonking good, but if not, it can be a cause for concern.

etm’s service is targeted at those who want to try something a little bit different.

We start our process with a strategy workshop to review your goals and ensure you are at the right events and talking to the right people.

We summarise our Exhibition Marketing activity as the 5 e’s:

  • Entice -We entice attendees to connect with you at the show - and this process starts way early.
  • Engage - It’s vital to come up with creatively different ideas to engage attendees with your story. We find out what is “special” about your product or solution and then find innovative ways to get attendees to listen. At a noisy show, it’s often about the way you tell it – that includes us writing, designing and building a complete exhibition experience that’s appropriate to your brand.
  • Exhibition - How will we maximise your presence at the show? We design and build great looking booths that line up with the goals you set in our initial workshop.
  • Exit - Often overlooked but 100% necessary. Managing leads and facilitating ongoing dialogue is essential. etm create an Exit plan for what you want attendees to do when they leave the exhibition.
  • Extend - We measure results of achievement against objectives and ensure everything links to your ongoing marketing campaigns to extend the life of the show.

Above all our challenge to our clients is to take a step back, breathe and review your exhibition activity with us.

Written by: Owen Hills, Founder & Executive Producer

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