6 benefits of Virtual Events!

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While you may have doubts about the choice to transform your live event into a virtual one, there are a range of benefits to hosting them online. We list just a few of the many different benefits to virtual events and why it could be right for you.

1. Reduce Costs

A large proportion of any event budget is traditionally consumed by the logistical costs, accommodation, catering, signage etc. Virtual Events do away with all this and therefore you’ll find your budget can achieve so much more.

2. Increased Reach

Attendees can tune into your conference from anywhere in the world, whether that’s from the office, at home or on the go. There are also no restrictions on venue capacities so you are only limited by your imagination and ambition. It’s also worth noting that going virtual won’t rule out one of the biggest selling points for a lot of conference attendees: networking. Our Platforms makes it possible to set up virtual networking and breakout rooms for participants to use throughout the event. We can even support virtual exhibit halls, where attendees can learn about products and services and chat with sponsors.

3. Expert Speakers

Potential guest speakers find it so much easier to be involved with your show, especially as they can take part from the comfort of their office or home location. This in turn creates greater opportunity for you to bag the speakers that will really rock your content. Whether that’s for your plenary, breakout or general sessions. These sessions can be Live or Pre-recorded. This flexibility all adds up to the point of you being able to assemble an incredible array of talent that would never be possible in a more traditional event setting.

4. Generate Revenue

Virtual conferences offer many of the same opportunities to earn revenue as face to face ones. Revenue streams include charging people to access the live stream, or to download the final version later. Sponsorships become easier to sell, alternatively, you can make it free to potentially draw a bigger crowd for upselling and lead generation. Costs are lower and budgets are easier to manage with a virtual conference.

5. Gather data and leads

Virtual conference platforms are so much better at giving insights to your audience: which sessions they attended and for how long, which booths they interacted with in the virtual exhibition hall, and more. This kind of insight is invaluable for developing targeted content and for making your next virtual conference even more successful. Getting registrants to opt-in to email blasts or requiring an email to access the On-Demand version can also be effective for lead generation.

6. Social & Environmental responsibility

Many things disrupt the economy and threaten businesses with undue risk. In the current state of global affairs, there’s so much doubt and genuine concern around health and wellbeing, travel and environmental impact.  Virtual Events eliminate that doubt, providing the opportunity for effective communication to your customers, clients, employees, clients, and prospects. In current climate, organisations are able to continue hosting events but virtual rather than face to face, reducing risk, lowering carbon footprints and limiting travel expenses significantly. And when attendees can join from their desktops, events are less likely to be disrupted by unforeseen circumstances.


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