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Back in the 70's, Monty Python changed up the TV environment for many years to come. When it comes to hosting and planning events, we aim to achieve the same result with our unique and innovative ideas.

Monty Python dramatically appeared on television screens in the 70’s. Love or hate them, they created shows that were radically different, heralding an important moment in the evolution of television comedy.

We’re all experiencing an equally dramatic evolution in the events we are making, as let’s be honest, there have been far too many boring, low productions webinars masquerading as virtual event experiences.

Here at etm we have completely redefined virtual events for a new era and media.

Our events are creatively different. We are changing the formats, writing new content, blending education and entertainment, and producing shows that we know will connect with the audience on a small screen.

We describe this approach as Event TV meets Live Conference and take responsibility for the show from birth to broadcast.

If you are looking for a different type of virtual event, we’d love to chat about your ambitions and share our experience.

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