Don't leave the success of your events down to luck this year

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In some cultures, carrying a rabbit foot is believed to bring good luck..

2023 - the year of the rabbit. In some cultures, carrying a rabbit foot is believed to bring good luck. This superstition dates back to the 18th century but here at etm, we don't like to leave things down to luck.

Whatever event you are planning this year - live, virtual or hybrid, you’ll want it to be successful. An obvious statement…..but too often events fail to achieve their full potential because planning is left too late. We can help!

etm's 6 step process to producing successful events:

  • Our kick off workshop teases out what you are looking to achieve, goals, KPI’s, objectives
  • We take time to understand your audience and how best to communicate your message
  • We create brand relevant experiences that express your unique style, flavour and personality
  • We write compelling scripts with fresh ideas, formats and agendas
  • We manage the total production
  • We take care of all the time consuming logistics and measure results 

etm productions is a team of directors, creatives, writers, producers and managers. As an events production company we are ready to help with live, hybrid or virtual events in the UK, EU or US.



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