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Your audience is far more likely to hear and take on board your messaging if you look to entertain as well as educate.

Creating engaging experiences adds in the additional emotional element that effects change and fulfills objectives.

One of the key challenges during the pivot to virtual events has been keeping audience attention. With delegates viewing productions on a small screen, their environment is more akin to watching TV than the conference stage of a face to face event.

So here’s a 10 point plan for producing educational and entertaining event experiences:

  • Use video to drive audience acquisition. Tease your invitees with a fun, action, packed ‘event trailer’ to showcase your planned event experience and create FOMO
  • Blend your business messaging with social activities
  • Write scripts with shorter, punchier scenes and content that’s continually moving
  • Recruit the right speaker talent mix and coach them to perform effectively
  • Use a variety of show formats and styles to tell your story
  • Include interactive elements to actively engage your participants
  • Combine a TV studio type show, with on-site filming, pre-recorded and live presentations
  • Include light and shade moments throughout
  • Optimise your content for anticipated viewing durations
  • Create quality productions and please dial down boring webcasts

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