ETM Productions - Need a Team to Produce your Virtual Product Launch?

Posted on Mon, 10 May, 2021

Whether it’s cosmetic products or the latest smartphone, a product launch can be one of the most enjoyable commercial events.

ETM Productions regularly produce not only live or virtual product launches, but hybrid events. We’re helped companies all over the world to launch their products. Our team combines exceptional creativity, technical expertise and passion for what we do.

Virtual product launches offer so many possibilities. Although it’s obviously impossible for people to try the products themselves physically, there are all sorts of clever ways to make it possible to interact with them.

During any virtual event, it’s crucial to create relationships with your customers. This could be through live stream launches with presentations, speakers and product demonstrations.

You might also want to offer downloadable features such as brochures, videos, promotions or podcasts.

With our team of passionate directors, creatives, writers, producers, and managers, it’s easier than ever to tell your story.

Our work includes creating scripts that are engaging and entertaining. We will coach speakers thoroughly and effectively, so you’ll have  content that keeps your guests tuned in. Why not check out some of the events we’ve worked on recently?

We can create a virtual event platform that’s interactive and engaging. Our team loves organising content-rich virtual events, which are delivered on-time and on-budget.

No matter the type of product you’re introducing, we will ensure the launch is memorable for all the right reasons.

Find out more about our product launches or please contact our team for more details.


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