Live events are not extinct

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....just changing!

Never has the change in our sector been more exciting!

During this unusual period we’ve been given an opportunity to trial virtual events and it has allowed us to realise how online experiences can be an active part of event strategy, moving forward.

For sure, the events we all create in the future will change forever. The status quo has been torn asunder and perhaps that’s no bad thing.

We’re anticipating much more of a blended approach in the future, mixing both physical and virtual experiences. Greater impact, fresh ideas, new technologies, increased reach, lower costs. It’s an exciting time to be involved!

Here at etm productions we are committed to producing virtual events that are creatively different. Dull and dreary webinars are not for us! We’ve worked tirelessly to fashion an interactive and engaging solution that is flexible and scalable.

If change is on your agenda and you’re planning on using this time to trial a virtual event that delivers a real interactive experience, we’d love to explore this together.

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