Looking for a Production Company for your Roadshow?

Posted on Mon, 4 Jul, 2022

Whether you’re planning a roadshow for musicians or to improve your branding, ETM Productions can help with not only production but the planning process.

We appreciate that organising a large roadshow is a tricky process. In fact, it can be one of the most difficult to orchestrate, especially if it’s taking place across many different destinations across large distances.

If you need to organise this type of event for branding purposes, it’s important to remember to make things fun. Roadshows need to be above all entertaining and to connect and engage your audience. The aim is to take your company’s message and brand on the road.

We’ve worked with many musicians, companies and entertainers who need a reliable production company. Our team has created and produced conferences and meetings throughout the UK, Europe, US and Asia.

Benefit from exceptional expertise and flexibility.

Our services include strategy and planning; creative, marketing and communications; production, and event management and logistics.

Since Covid is still a concern in many places in Europe, virtual and hybrid events are still highly popular. ETM Productions regularly work with companies who want a virtual element or want to move entirely online.

If you need a top production company for your roadshow, find out more about ETM Productions. Or please contact our team for more information.


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