Have you considered Switzerland?

Posted on Wed, 23 Mar, 2022

Switzerland – a conference destination in the heart of Europe. Its central location makes it easy to travel to and by using its world-renowned public transport system, travelling to the conference destination from the airport is easy and convenient. Switzerland’s variety has something to offer for every taste, may it be cities, mountains, forests or lakes. Even from the largest cities, you can reach nature and spectacular views quickly and easily. Not only is Switzerland known for its unique diversity, but also for the lowest VAT in Europe, great hotel infrastructure and world-class conference centres.

In general, Switzerland is a hotspot for research and development. The pioneering spirit is a top priority in Switzerland. You can find well-trained personnel and first-class scientific research institutions. Furthermore, the keywords solid, safe and stable are what characterises Switzerland like no other country in the world.

Switzerland is also one of the most sustainable countries in the world and sustainable behaviour is part of its DNA. Consistent recycling, rigid exhaust emissions standards, good waste management, carefully controlled landscape planning and strict conditions for construction projects are just part of the Swiss’ every-day life.

All of these points make a compelling argument to use Switzerland as your next destination for a congress, meeting, event or incentive. The small country has seen major developments and new hotels and venues in the last few years, from small, boutique hotels to large-scale conference centres. Whatever you may look for, you are certain to find a high-quality solution in Switzerland.


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