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etm productions' virtual and hybrid services provide an immediate end-to-end solution for clients who want to create and produce digital events which exceed expectations.

We all know it starts and ends with a platform, but there’s a lot more to it to make a digital event successful. Designing an interactive and engaging experience, creating relevant content, and producing it to a high standard are all key.

Whether you want to launch new products, engage your customers, motivate your sales team, or gather your employees together. We are a team of passionate directors, creatives, writers, producers, and managers ready to tell your story.



The platform is just the foundation...


Whether you want to use one of our licensed platforms as a fully managed service, or you have one ready to go but need production support, we’re flexible and will work with you to achieve your goals.

Platform functionality is often seen as similar at first glance, however we have two platforms that we feel are the best of the bunch. Regardless of which platform you chose, the key is how you use its functions to produce content that counts. With options for live, pre-recorded or on-demand sessions, the broadcast and streaming possibilities are vast. We’re able to fully customize and brand our platforms according to your brand, and style guide. There’s also a place for an exhibition hall, sponsorship and poster galleries along with resource centre and live support.

As you know, getting attendees to interact with your event is even more challenging virtually than physically, which is why we have solutions such as networking areas, meeting rooms, live chat, polling, Q&A and gamification to engage them. That’s the brief summary but we’ll leave the rest for the demo! Now let’s talk about the planning process…


The planning and project management process...


We kick off every major project, be it live, hybrid or virtual by hosting a workshop with the key stakeholders of the event. This is where we rack your brains for the nitty gritty details… Why are we doing the event? What opportunity are we seeking to take advantage of? How can we make the virtual experience seamless for you and your audience? Who are the audience we are targeting? Financial budgets? These workshops lay the foundation for all live and virtual event planning.

The next level defines what we want attendees to learn from attending the digital event. Then, what actions we want attendees to take as a result of being there. Lastly, we want to estimate what business impact we are seeking to achieve and the returns we are targeting.

Effective project management skills are vital to plan and co-ordinate the vast array of tasks and requirements in a timely and cost-effective way. etm uses an online team collaboration and work management cloud-based tool, which acts as the glue between the pieces, managing timelines and milestones, providing that vital central point of contact, driving tasks and overseeing financial budgeting.


Content and production go hand in hand...


One of the main challenges for virtual events is how to keep viewer attention. Our style would be best described as Event TV meets Live Conference and we have redefined the events we’re producing, for this new world and new media.

We’re experts in adapting content to suit audiences who are interacting with us on the small screen – we create scripts that are punchier, more engaging and entertaining; coach speakers thoroughly and effectively; and produce content in ways that keep viewers in their seats!

With over 30 years’ technical production experience, etm has a strong pedigree of producing shows, whether that’s live, hybrid or virtual. We are never complacent and work tirelessly to support our projects with the best productions we can. We’re able to technically manage multiple feeds to create dynamic sessions, with flexibility for presenters and hosts to be located in a fully equipped studio environment, on stage or entirely remote. We carry out extensive rehearsals and technical set-up tests with all speakers ahead of the event. All sessions can then be broadcast smoothly into one of our platforms or into a platform of your choice.

Our fully managed end-to-end service provides both production and platform support. However, we understand not everybody will need this level of support which is why we offer a flexible stand-alone production service for those organisations that already have a platform in place.


Our registration and reporting capabilities...


etm is fully trained and offers a cost-effective registration and delegate communications service for digital meetings and conferences. Our services deliver a single-source, one stop technology solution to manage every aspect of your virtual event and offers seamless integration with most platforms.

We recognize that reporting and analytics play a vital role in determining the success of a digital event, which is why we dedicate time in our planning workshops to define the event objectives and agree KPI’s in different levels. This is crucial in being able to report results post event with hard data.

Our platforms have 24/7 access to extensive analytics and reporting such as who has registered, who attended, where they went, what they viewed and downloaded and how they interacted. Our unique global positioning map even shows where attendees are logging in from.

Now we know that’s a lot to take in so we’d be happy to talk you through our services on a demo. Click the ‘book a demo’ button, to get in touch and tell us what you are wanting to achieve!


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