Interactive & Engaging Business Events


Launch new products, engage your customers, drive pipeline, enable training, motivate your sales team, gather your employees together.

Virtual events can achieve all of this and more. The benefits are clear to see and include reduced costs; increased reach; the ability to have a broader range of speakers; revenue generation opportunities; social and environment responsibility as well as stats, data and lead tracking.

The benefits of a Virtual event can be very attractive, but we want to ensure that the virtual event is an interactive and engaging experience that is a positive representation of your brand. And that means we need to consider a lot more than just the technology platform. ETM’s Production service provides an immediate solution for clients who want to advantage of this exciting technology either as a pure online or hybrid event experience.

ETM’s total Production service includes:

  1. Planning and Project Management
  2. Production
  3. Content Creation
  4. Filming & Video
  5. Design of interactive virtual event platform
  6. Sponsorship sales and management
  7. Driving audience attendance
  8. Registration Invitations and delegate communications
  9. Broadcast/Streaming
  10. Post event stats, reporting and analysis



So, what does a Virtual Event look like? Here's the lobby..


Enter your branded lobby and navigate your way through the event.




Exhibition Hall


The Exhibition Hall will have space for all your sponsors. Each Exhibitor has their own stand where attendees can visit, interact with and watch presentations.





Head to the Auditorium where your delegates will see all the Live and On-Demand presentations taking place across the event. Attendees can take their seats, relax and enjoy the plenary presentations in your fully branded and customised Auditorium.






During a virtual event we can encourage private meetings to take place. These can be text chat meetings, video chat or audio only types. Meetings can be available for all attendees to join, or they can be made private or by invite only.

These are loaded onto the platform which allows attendees to book onto these meetings, and add to their agenda and/or calendar. Confirmations and reminder emails can be sent to all hosts and attendees.



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