Want to improve your Exhibition results?

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Try ETM's approach:

  1. Agree your exhibition objectives and define a measurement plan to report on KPI’s. Take time on this. It’s the foundation of everything.
  2. Create a hierarchy of message and write content that consistently reinforces it. Consider every communication touchpoint you can think of.
  3. The design of the exhibition stand must be relevant to your objectives. It’s easy to get carried away at the creative stage and end up developing an idea that felt inspirational, but fails to deliver the results you want.
  4. Be brand relevant. Create standout in a way that facilitates your outcomes. Think through the customer journey from initial greeting, considering practicalities as well as WOW inspirational moments.
  5. Plan your milestones and deadlines. Ensure someone has a watching brief to focus on pulling all parts together, and the tenacity to chase things as required.
  6. Drive traffic to your booth – don’t just rely on passing traffic. In your enthusiasm try not to eat the elephant! Chances are if you have a laser-like focus on your top targets, you’ll achieve most of your objectives.
  7. There are a lot of logistical considerations attached to any exhibition. Schedules, accommodation, booth staff, transport, uniforms, equipment, F&B and shipping. Not to mention the organisers ERC tasks. Deal with them!
  8. Agree a process for managing leads. Consider who you need to pull into this discussion and start planning well in advance. It’s astonishing how often this most vital of all points is left to the last minute.
  9. The more participative and interactive, the more your attendees will learn. Create an engaging experience that tells your story in a fresh, entertaining way. Technology can be a great solution to achieve this goal.
  10. Gin and tonic on a Friday afternoon during those busy planning weeks, works wonders!!!


All this forms part of ETM’s approach for supporting exhibition activity. It’s quite a unique service.


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