Which event strategy to choose - Physical, Virtual or Hybrid?

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As planning for the year begins, the event landscape may appear a little unclear.

We have clients that are venturing out with in-person events, some that are sticking firmly to the virtual experience and others that are combining the best of both with an exciting hybrid approach.

Our planning workshop process ensures we uncover the correct individual event experience for you, based on your desired outcomes, and objectives.

Working with you, we tell your story. From smaller meetings to global conferences we have a huge amount of experience and can help guide you to make the best investment decisions.

So whatever event you are planning, tell us what you are looking to achieve, and we'll come back with some great ideas of how we can help you to reach your goals.

“The fusion between physical and virtual event experiences will accelerate”

etm productions is a team of directors, creatives, writers, producers and managers. As a virtual events production company we are ready to help with live, hybrid or virtual events.

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Please contact us to chat through what you are looking to achieve.
We'll happily come back with some great ideas of how to help you achieve your goals.

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