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Content Creation

Holding a traditional conference is easy. Getting a real return is difficult.

We'd like to put traditional boring monologue presentations into Room 101. In this media rich world we all live in, expectations for interesting and engaging content is a given. Keeping audiences engaged is easy to do during networking and social events, but during main business sessions it is not so easy. And that's the challenge we love to take on.

Getting a real return on your investment usually involves your audience learning something! Our aim is to create content that is interesting and engaging so that your audience tune into your message. And that requires a variety of light and shade moments throughout the event, mixing serious content with humour, theatre and production techniques as appropriate. We believe content is best developed in collaboration. etm are happy to take responsibility for all the content of the live show but our experience is that the best results are achieved when we work closely with the Client, Show Director, Creative and Production teams.

After an initial content workshop we begin to scope out a theme and top line agenda. Our service includes the identification and contracting of internal and external speakers, control of content, writing of scripts, receipt and visualisation of presentations, full speaker support, rehearsals and speaker coaching.

Good content works because of three things; great writing, talent and chemistry. Our writers turn content into an engaging story, ensuring your key message is woven into each and every presentation and activity. We refer to this as the 'Red Thread' of the show, ensuring a recognisable theme runs through every customer touchpoint. 

Our Content service includes:

  • Content Workshop
  • Theme and Agenda Creation
  • Writing of Scripts
  • Presentation Design and Visualisation
  • Speaker Coaching
  • Production Ideas and Techniques


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