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Can you measure live events?

It's a question we are often asked by our clients. Actually we think live events are one of the most measurable marketing activities there is and it is perfectly reasonable that Executive stakeholders want to quantify the return they are getting against spend.

So, we should explain our approach to event strategy and measuring outcomes.

We kick off every major project by hosting a workshop with the key stakeholders of the event. Why are we doing the event? What opportunity are we seeking to take advantage of? Who are the audience we are targeting? What is the relevance of our message and brand? What's the situation analysis? Previous experience? Financial budgets?

The second part of the workshop defines the objectives and agrees KPI's in different levels. This is crucial in being able to report results post event with hard data.

We consider what the experience environment should be, and who we want at the event - numbers, types, profiles. We agree what satisfaction looks like. Next level defines what we want attendees to learn from attending our live experience. Then what actions do we want attendees to take as a result of being there. Lastly, we want to estimate what business impact we are seeking to achieve and what returns we are targeting.

These objectives form the foundation that the event experience is built on.

The key point about measuring your events is to be consistent in approach. This allows for effective benchmarking and future portfolio planning. etm's measurement service is based on the ROI Institutes methodology.

We believe the benefit of a clear, consistent and efficient method of measuring events is compelling.

Our event measurement methodology includes five different levels:

  • Level 0 - Audience
  • Level 1 - Satisfaction
  • Level 2 - Learnings
  • Level 3 - Action
  • Level 4 - Impact
  • Level 5 - ROO/ROI


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