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Taking and adapting your message to local markets throughout the UK and Europe


Roadshows and experiential events can be a great way for a company to take a message direct to a local audience. However conducting a large roadshow campaign across Europe can be a bit of a nightmare. Fortunately, it’s what we do.

Global v’s Local is always a hot topic for roadshows and experiential events. etm have great experience in taking a global company message, maintaining consistency but allowing for adaption and flavouring for local country requirements. Never an easy balance, but one we are used to managing.

We provide the expertise, resources, partnerships and relationships to immediately scale to any size programme in a cost effective and flexible way.

Our service includes:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Creative, marketing and communications
  • Production
  • Event Management and logistics

With current Covid restrictions in place throughout Europe, localised events will inevitably be the first physical or hybrid activities to emerge. etm can support you to plan these in advance and provide the resources required to quickly scale and stay ahead of your competition.

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