10 Core Capabilities

Creative Ideas and Experience Design

Clients come to us because they want their events to be a little bit different to the norm. And that always starts with a spark of creativity!

Traditional conferences are not for us. Monologues are not for us. Boring presentations are definitely not for us. But if you want your event to be an immersive, interactive and motivational experience then that definitely is something we can create for you.

We start our creative process with a team workshop as we obviously want our ideas to be relevant! Our activity begins by establishing an event theme and style guide that develops the look and feel, naming, theme, colours, imagery and messaging. Our 'Red Thread' treament ensures the messages are woven into the entire event experience and reinforced at each major touchpoint of the delegate journey.

The Experience Design translates the theme and agreed style guideline into the physical pieces that will "touch" our audience.

So we need to refer to the 7e’s of experience design:

  • Emotions – What emotions do you want to engender
  • Environment - Physical environment sets the scene
  • Entice - Creating desire to attend
  • Enter - Physical environment sets the scene
  • Engage - At every level
  • Exit - Key time to reinforce messaging
  • Extend - Connected engagements not isolated activities

For best results, weave creativity into the entire event planning process - at least that's our recommendation!


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