Digital Mosaic Wall

Digital Mosaic Wall - Connect EU

For Couchbase's Connect EU conference, the goals were to accelerate their social media activity and also to change the way we connect through digital experiences. We needed to find engagement activity for the event that would compliment the goals we were trying to achieve, that's when we found the Digital Mosaic Wall.

How it works

Participation is simple, our guests were asked to take photos during the day of the conference using their own phones. They had to post their pictures and videos to their Instagram or Twitter accounts making sure they added in the events unique hashtag in the caption, sharing the brand and campaign message with their friends. To the printers they go! The unique hashtag they use when they upload their picture triggers the printers to print the photo, adding a colour tint to the image if necessary. The guests are then encouraged to go and collect their printed images which are automatically numbered and relate to the matching number on the mosaic wall for them to find and stick to. Soon enough the image unfolds, revealing a large scale photo made up of hundreds of tiny pictures of the guests and conference.

Why we chose it

The conference was held at Kings Place in London, known as the hub of art. We knew that to have digital art alongside physical art would certainly be a powerful tool. The mosaic wall was just what we were looking for and worked perfectly for our conference, achieving our goals by allowing our guests to interact with each other in a totally unique and digital experience.

A big thumbs up from us!


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