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A case study about Revolution (1000 young digital marketeers) from our Directors point of view..

Originally, we met with the executive team of our client to understand their ambitions for this new event. We called it “Revolution” as the conference addressed the way that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Data was changing the very foundations of marketing – for the better!

Our client was fed up with traditional style conferences. They wanted a fresh idea to create a significantly different style of event in a format that would keep their young, digital media-savvy marketers engaged in an experience that would be appropriate. They also wanted to carve out a niche that would set this event apart in their sector.

So we came up with the idea of creating the whole conference as a live talk-show. A format in which all the content was presented as part of an overall live show which was delivered in a highly professional, relaxed, humorous and contemporary way. This required a lot of creative thought when writing the scripts so that the presentations would be short, detailed and punchy in a format that was relevant to the overall show.

We put the agenda together for the 2-day conference and identified a line-up of speakers that could deliver this business content. We presented our ideas to our client who loved it. A unique combination of late-night talk-show with music, videos, presentations, light hearted sketches, interaction with the audience, competitions and gamification. We had a host for the show who we directed and of course this meant a running a lot of rehearsals! We wrote all the scripts, including the CEO’s and developed all the content.

We ensured every piece reinforced our theme and message.

As Director and Executive Producer, I worked very closely with our writers, creatives, production, and event management planners as well as senior client executives, guest speakers and internal client teams in order to bring about a seamless delivery at the conference. 

The success of this format is about creating the right chemistry between all parties; the host, audience and guests. We recognize that attendees want to be involved and engaged. Participators rather than spectators.

As a result, our client achieved a unique event with high audience approval ratings. Ultimately we delivered a live show production rather than a traditional conference that was delivered on time and on budget but in a way that really resonated with everyone involved.


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