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Our mobile attendee app allows you to communicate directly with all attendees, or selected attendees. When attendees load our app, they recieve all the information they need, such as their agenda for the day and session data. They can also search for attendees and message one another.


  • Speaker, Exhibitor, Sponsor and Attendee search
  • Event Notes
  • Agenda & My Agenda
  • Session Survey
  • Live Polling and Live Q&A
  • Scan and View Leads
  • Event Stream Social Network
  • Auto Event Check-in

Additional features:

  • Contact Exchange
  • News and Alerts
  • Twitter
  • Advertising
  • Event Stream Engage
  • Interactive Sites


Event Stream Engage is a comprehensive gamification platform which provides you with numerous games and goals to encourage interactions and engagement with your attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

These games or activities are built around goals, which are specific engagements or actions you want to see happen. Attendees can earn points, accumulate badges, win prizes and redeem coins to purchase items and gifts. Using the Attendee App your attendees can engage via games and activities that you define, these could be:

  • Connecting with other attendees
  • Installing the attendee app
  • Visiting the exhibitors
  • Participating in social networking (Event Stream)
  • Participating in live polling
  • Answering trivia questions
  • Checking into sessions and functions

Event Stream Social Network

This is a private social network for you events, Event Stream provides a platform for your attendees to post photos, videos, comments and share in the social experience exclusive to your event. Your attendees can participate in Event Stream through their Attendee App as well as the Event Stream wall, which is a scrolling event announcement display which you can project in public areas and meeting rooms. You can manage the entire experience, add in sponsor advertising, and moderate all posts.


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