Need a Production Agency for your Conference in 2022?

Posted on Mon, 28 Mar, 2022

Now Covid restrictions have been completely lifted, the events industry is finally coming back to life, although many people are still taking precautions. Most popular events are going ahead this year, including many musical festivals which were cancelled over the past two years.

Whatever your plans for the year ahead, ETM Productions has a team of directors, creatives, writers, producers and managers ready to bring your event to life.

Our work includes producing conferences and meetings in the UK, Europe, US and Asia. The conferences we work from range from having a few hundred people to a few thousand.

Highly experienced, we know what makes a successful conference, including the fact it must be engaging, interactive and entertaining.

We take what we call the ‘Red Thread approach’, which refers to how we ensure your key messages, goals and objectives are actively woven into every element of the conference. Our production team will always ensure that key touch points reinforce the agreed KPIs  and your brand values.

Creating stunning events is our passion and we believe our zeal is reflected in everything we do. We’re dedicated to producing events that inspire, educate, motivate and influence.

If you’re seeking a production agency for your event, find out more about ETM Productions or don’t hesitate to contact our team today.


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