Opticon Tour

Optimizely are a newly merged, fast-paced company who chose etm to run a two-week European Tour off the back of their global event.

Given the industry-wide push for live events at the end of 2022, we were up against it to find venues that not only fitted their unique brief and satisfied their large number of stakeholders, but also had availability and didn’t blow the budget.

Optimizely made it clear that they did not want to go to any mainstream hotels or venues, opting for more unusual choices with excellent conference facilities and opportunities to support extensive branding and creative experience design throughout. After loads of research, cost exercises, negotiations and site visits, we landed on two distinctive venues similar in style, yet located in different cities – London and Stockholm!

Our immediate task was to kick off the project with a series of planning workshops focusing on event objectives, creative, content, marketing and collaboration.

Next was to create the individual registration sites in line with the global event, to fast track interest and build momentum for the free-to-attend European Tour. With the sites up and running our attentions turned to daily reporting, inbox management, pre-event communications and the planning of all on-site check in and badging activities.

As well as registration, we were responsible for the overall project management including workstream co-ordination, oversight of timelines, deadlines and all financial budgets. The event management included everything from venue management, room planning, and F&B to health and safety, onsite staffing, theming and decorations.

As a brand, Optimizely are known for their vibrancy, boldness and creativity. The expectations of their events are no different. It was our role to ensure the Tour lived up to this reputation.

The process began with site visits to both locations to start exploring experience design  ideas before heading back and building individual proposals that reflected their brand and linked the two events together. Working as a team with Optimizely we finalised our plans to include hero signage pieces, branded touchpoints and attendee journey highlights. The wow factor certainly came through in the execution.

This was also embodied in the stage and set design which etm led as well as managing and directing the entire technical production in both locations – including technical drawings, film and video and AV kit and crew.

All of this hard work saw the event hit one of the highest attendance rates we’ve ever seen for a free event in our agency lifetime – a phenomenal success all round!!


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