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You only get one shot with a live show. It has to be right on the night!

Anything less than 100% is obvious to all, and a second on stage can feel like a lifetime if something is going wrong.

Audiences have high expectations. Their lives are filled with quality productions that they experience every single day.

Our Producers and Production Managers work closely with our Directors, Writers, and Creatives as well as internal client teams and preferred partners that we know and trust.

We provide production support for AV, set & stage, props & furniture, lighting, conference exhibitions, large scale digital displays, signage, video & photography and engagement activities.

As live events go, there are not many situations we haven't come across. We are never complacent and we work tirelessly to support our projects with the best productions we can - always on the look out for new techniques, creative ideas and fresh thinking.

ETM balance innovation and cost to deliver great value for our clients. Budget of course is important and productions can be scaled accordingly.

Our production services include:

  • Space planning & technical drawings
  • Set & stage build
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Entertainment production
  • Large scale digital displays
  • Props & furniture
  • Photography, film & video
  • Exhibitions, build & construction
  • Signage & graphics
  • Theming & decorations
  • On-site crew
  • Temporary structures


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